ParaScope MP-USB

The ideal datacom analyzer for RS-232, V.35, X.21, RS-449 (RS-422/423), and RS-530 interfaces.

ParaScope MP-USB
The ParaScope MP-USB is a portable datacom analyzer that connects to your PC via a USB port.Combine the ParaScope MP-USB with our world proven WanXL software and monitor, simulate, and run BERT with sheer ease and simplicity.

Some of the features of ParaScope MP-USB’s features include:

  • Operates up to 2.048 Mbps
  • Protocol analyzer decodes Async, Sync, BiSync, Frame Relay, X.25, SNA, GR-303 TMC/CSC/EOC, ISDN PRI/BRI, encapsulated LAN and more
  • Statistical analysis includes % utilization, frames/sec, throughput, frame size, errors, protocol specific, and more.
  • Bit Error Rate test set
  • Easily create quick-launch icons for your custom created test/analyzer configurations. Quick launch icons are stored in a file for easy distribution
  • “How do I.” instructional on line help
  • Multi-interface test sets for RS-232, RS-422/423, RS-449, RS-530, V.35/36, and X.21
  • Bank of LED’s, testpoints, and breakout DIP switches for all interface signals
  • Serial Bus Analyzer
  • LED’s illuminate RED for “mark,” GREEN for “space.”
  • Two unbalanced SPARE LED’s and testpoints for access to other signals
  • Four testpoints each Ground, +12 Volts and ???12 Volts
  • Four programmable unbalanced and two programmable balanced Output points
  • Two balanced and four unbalanced Input monitor points
  • Four rechargeable AA NiCad batteries provide three hours of operation
  • Accepts four AA Alkaline batteries
  • AC adapter provides AC powered operation and simultaneous battery recharging
  • Dimensions are 9.22″ long, 4.76″ wide and 1.97″ tall

Available as Integrated Analysis System which includes a new notebook computer.

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