Field service deserves a simple way to deploy reliable IPTV services.

IPTV Expert Analyzer turns any notebook computer into a powerful IPTV analyzer. Depend on Analyzer to quickly and easily verify IPTV installations with pass/fail results and video preview, even before a Set Top Box (STB) or TV is connected.

  • Go no-go results within seconds
  • Automatically tests all channels with pass/fail results
  • Complete Set Top Box (STB) emulation
  • Full Motion Picture video preview
  • Accurate audio and video MOS scores and QoE/QoS metrics
  • Comprehensive Video and Transport Stream statistics
  • Drill into detail to determine root cause of problems

A rapidly growing number of telecom operators are making a profit by offering IPTV services. The allure of profit is driving more startups and operators to join the IPTV industry and it’s quickly getting very competitive. More than ever, each operator needs to provide the highest level of service to protect their customer base. Customers don’t care that their video can be impacted by the IP core network, DSL/Fiber modem or STB, however, they do care if their video is frozen, pixelated or the audio is out of sync. Analyzer allows field service technicians to quickly test and qualify IPTV installations. If the service fails, Analyzer give the technician the tools he needs to probe deeper to determine the root cause.

Analyzer is a PC-based software application that can fully emulate a TV Set Top Box (STB). To emulate an STB, connect the Ethernet port of your notebook computer to the Ethernet port of your xDSL or fiber modem.

Start Analyzer, click on the ‘Start Testing” button and Analyzer will automatically synchronize with any multicast IPTV streams detected in the link between the STB and the modem or GPON terminal. VoD unicast streams will be detected during the “sign up” process initiated by the STB Remote Control.

A video preview of channel begins to run, providing quick assurance that IPTV services are available. However, just watching the video is not sufficient to qualify IPTV services. The IPTV signal could be degrading due to a number of reasons and the user won’t see the effect on their television until the service technician is long gone. The service technician needs to know that the IPTV signal is not being impaired by hidden effects from the IP network, modem, router, STB, CO and more. This is why Analyzer provides a summary display with several key QoS measurements with pass/fail indicators, revealing the true quality of the video stream under test.

The mean opinion score (MOS) is a measurement that results from a complex algorithm that monitors more than 40 parameters in real-time. If the score passes, you can bet the subscriber will have excellent video quality. The Summary of pass/fail indicators is further complemented with a measurement of program clock reference (PCR) jitter, video packet loss, TR101290 (priority 1 & 2) transport stream errors and IGMP latency, commonly called “zap time”.

Two graphs offer a set of comprehensive user-defined statistics, which guarantee a service technician has all of the necessary IPTV vital signs at their disposal to time-correlate with other results. Additional QoS diagnostics are organized in three categories: Perceptive Quality Metrics, Video Stream Metrics and Transport Stream Metrics.This suite comprehensive analysis insures that a technician can quickly verify IPTV service quality and easily resolve issues such as pixilation, frozen screens, slow channel changes, service disruption and more.

Analyzer can generate test reports for either individual video streams tested, or for all of the video streams tested. All results can be saved to disk as a PDF file so that the service technician can leave with a complete report of all results. The graphical user interface is neatly laid out and allows the operator to select to display only the key parameters they are interested in seeing.

Analyzer lets you generate summary reports, detailed reports or both.