Designed to resolve intermittent IPTV quality issues and minimize truck rolls.

is a powerful monitoring probe that provides operators with a solution to capture and resolve those irritating intermittent problems that always seem to occur after field service has left the subscriber’s premises. can monitor for long periods of time, applying expert analysis and capturing key conditions that precede IPTV quality problems.

  • Expert monitoring probe captures and analyzes IPTV packets between the xDSL/fiber or fiber modem and the STB.
  • Runs Expert IPTV Analyzer software.
  • Supports long term 24×7 testing to pinpoint and resolve those irritating, intermittent problems.
  • Quickly compare IPTV quality between at CO and Analyzer or at customer premises.
  • Connect to probe via internet with client software.

Home networking environments are becoming more complex as telecom operators deliver higher speed voice, video, and data services to their customers over IP. With this complexity, IPTV service providers are finding it increasingly more difficult to identify whether IPTV quality problems are sourced at the customer premises, fiber or xDSL network, or from the central office (CO) itself. Even more difficult for operators, is that many of these quality problems surface long after field service has installed, tested, and verified successful IPTV services. Pixellization may start in the evening or a channel may drop in and out on the weekend. The subscriber’s frustration will grow quickly. The operator will incur the expense to send field service to test and verify the service once again but there is no guarantee that the problem will occur while the technician is onsite.

By positioning a low cost Expert Monitoring Probe in the subscriber’s home between the modem and the STB, an operator can catch and store the conditions that preceded an IPTV quality problem. In fact, without long term monitoring, some pesky intermittent issues may be next to impossible to resolve. has a large capture buffer, so it can monitor and analyze IPTV packets for over a week if necessary. Field service can connect remotely and view the analysis results to determine if the buffer captured the IPTV problem. provides detailed analysis results for QoE measurement data, IP performance, transport stream, and video content from multicasts or unicast IPTV packets received by the subscriber, providing the technician with necessary information to determine the root cause of the problem.

It’s also possible that an IPTV quality problem originates at the CO. To find out, an operator can position a switch and at the CO to monitor the problem channel. By comparing data from a at the subscriber’s location with data from a at the CO, field service can determine whether possible impairments experienced by the subscribers are caused by errors in the distribution network or if signal problems are due to the subscriber’s own home network.

Once is configured and monitoring an IPTV stream, the technician’s client can connect to it remotely. The client software looks and functions exactly like Analyzer. It provides a summary display with several key QoS measurements rated with pass/fail indicators, revealing the true quality of the video stream under test.

The mean opinion score (MOS) is a measurement that results from a complex algorithm that monitors more than 40 parameters in real-time. If the score passes, you can bet the subscriber will get excellent video quality. The Summary of pass/fail indicators is further complemented with a measurement of program clock reference (PCR) jitter, video packet loss, TR101290 (priority 1&2) transport stream errors, and IGMP latency, commonly called “zap time”.
Two graphs offer a set of comprehensive user-defined statistics, which guarantee a service technician has all of the necessary IPTV vital signs at their disposal to time-correlate with other results. Additional QoS diagnostics are organized into categories including IP Packet metrics, Transport Stream metrics, Audio-Video metrics and Video Metrics. This comprehensive analysis suite ensures that a technician can quickly verify IPTV service quality or easily resolve issues such as pixilation, frozen screens, slow channel changes, service disruption and more. Further, these metrics enable the technician to know exactly what the user quality of experience will be, even before a STB or TV is connected.

Analyzer can generate test reports for either individual video streams tested, or for all of the video streams tested. All results can be saved to disk as a PDF file so that the service technician can leave with a complete report of all results. The graphical user interface is neatly laid out and allows the operator to select to display only the key parameters which they are interested in seeing.

For more detailed specifications for client, see Analyzer product datasheet.