GigaStor??? Probe

Comprehensive network management

The GigaStor is a cost-effective, more about retrospective network analysis appliance ideal for network administrators concerned with security and who require a detailed report of what is occurring on their network. Capture days or even weeks of network traffic directly to disk for comprehensive analysis. Runs with Observer software.

GigaStor Portable
This appliance analyzes traffic across multiple network topologies, advice including gigabit, 10 GbE, WAN, and Fibre Channel. The luggable, all-in-one unit contains Observer Suite and GigaStor technology as well as all required cabling, a dual-processor Windows XP Pro x64 system, built-in, 15-inch active matrix display, keyboard, and trackpad; and 2TB total storage. The GigaStor Portable weighs 25 lbs, and under 50 lbs with the ATA hard-sided travel case.

Some of the features of GigaStor include:

  • Monitor up to eight ports
  • Time-based navigation utility
  • 64-bit Windows
  • Flexible filtering technology
  • Troubleshooting power
  • Expert analysis
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