ParaScope AsyncCom

ParaScope AsyncCom

Software Analyzer

ParaScope AsyncComWanXL-AsyncCom is a component of the ParaScope family of data communication protocol analyzers and testers, ailment each of which operates with the world proven WanXL software. WanXL considerably decreases the time required to search hex dumps by presenting data in a highly organized, easy to read format.

WanXL-AsyncCom is an essential test tool for data communication product developers, network integrators, network troubleshooters and field service technicians. The protocol analyzer enables:

  • shorter and less costly development intervals for data communication equipment and applications;
  • faster and more efficient network installations; and
  • reduced time to repair equipment and network outages.

Some of the features of ParaScope AsyncCom’s features include:

  • Full featured data monitor;
  • Generate user-defined data streams;
  • Serial Bus Analyzer
  • Protocol analyzer decodes Async PPP , SLIP and TCPIP;
  • Runs bit error rate test set;
  • Easily creates quick-launch icons for your custom created test/analyzer configurations; quick launch icons are stored in a file for easy distribution; and
  • Software breakouts for RTS, CTS, DSR, and DTR indicates a “mark” or active state.
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