Handheld Test Tools

NetProbe 2000 T1/E1/V

main photo w stylusThe ideal tool for service technicians who are responsible for installing, verifying, and troubleshooting T1, E1, and V-series data circuits. Comprehensive handheld tester. Automated line monitoring performs an auto-check of essential alarms and errors. Supports operation with VNC client over the internet or from a smart phone.



PC-Based Product Family

ParaScope 2000

T1 / E1 Testing SolutionIncludes physical line analysis (frequency, voltage, alarms, etc.) with pass/fail results. Comes complete with T1, E1, PRI, BRI, RS-232, DDS, V.35, X.21, RS-449 (RS-422/423) and RS-530.

New probe option supports remote access and local interface to PC via Ethernet.

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